Since 1994, Guy & Doron Levy has been building innovative and prestigious projects creating thousands of housing properties in selected neighborhoods around the country.

The company builds in major cities in Israel, such as Tel Aviv, Raanana, Jerusalem, Netanya, Kfar Saba, Modi’in. Guy & Doron Levy is an entrepreneurial contracting company, which coordinates the entire development and construction process, under one roof allowing a seamless buying experience.

The company operates upon a deep understanding of the area and its needs while implementing advanced construction technologies, in accordance with the most stringent international standards – ISO 9001 quality management standard and ISO 45001 safety management standard.

Guy & Doron Levy uphold professional and reliable services, allocating the best resources for planning, design, material selection and dialogue with the customer. Personal accompaniment, smart response and absolute transparency are the company’s core values, making it the leading company in the real estate industry.


Vision and strategy

The pursuit of excellence lies in a strong construction path

This is the name of the game so together we will reach a dream apartment

For the customer

Guy & Doron Levy work to strengthen and establish its position as one of the leading development companies, with an emphasis on the field of innovation in construction and customer service.

The company will continue to quickly identify and adopt construction technologies and methods while constantly improving their service, adapting them to the digital world, and to contemporary consumer perceptions.

At Guy & Doron Levy, we believe that the connection between innovative construction methods, many years of experience and strength in the field, combined with an advanced service system, will allow the company to provide its customers with the best and most up-to-date product, while meeting our promised timelines.


Doron Levy
Guy Levy
Yossi Fattal CPA
CFO, Deputy CEO
Avi Yechezkel
VP Acquisition
Ron Ziv
VP Engineering
Oshri Zafrani
Director of Sales
Racheli Kalimi
Marketing Communications Manager
Asi Duak
Department of Income-producing Assets
Adv. Yafit Levy
Legal Department
Adv. Yuval Sinai
Legal Department
Meirav Sadi
Tenants Department
Avashi Azoulai
Yielding assets and marketing department
Liat Avraham
Service and inspection department


Company departments

Operation and safety:
Professional responsibility in the field of safety, quality control and inspection of the company's properties and construction sites
Detection and analysis of new projects
Responsible for coordinating planning, issuing permits, construction, Form 4 and delivering the apartments to the company's customers
Income-producing assets:
Takes care of the financial management of residential rental apartments and commercial centers
Conducts the company's activities in the legal field and handles a variety of issues, including labor law, agreements, contracts, lawsuits etc.
Responsible for managing the books, the accounting system, payments, budgets and preparing the company's financial statements
Planning coordination:
Synchronization and coordination of plans between all project consultants and conducting licensing processes with the planning authorities
Tenants changes:
Architectural coordination and profesttionally assisting each individual buyer of the apartments with changes or upgradesthroughout the construction process
Sales and Marketing:
Forming strategy and response to those interested in purchasing an apartment in the various projects. Transfer of information and accompaniment until the signing of the purchase contract
Procurement and logistics:
Establishment of tenders and their onboarding, making contracts with subcontractors, operations, logistics and and related fields.
Information Systems:
Development of the company's computer systems
Providing a response during the test period for handling service calls from tenants
Tenants (before occupancy):
Providing an ongoing response during the purchase period and close supervision until the receipt of the key
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