Arnona slopes, Jerusalem


Experience luxurious living with a spectacular view of the Judean Mountains in the Arnona Slopes neighborhood. The Arnona Collection project, developed by Guy & Doron Levy.

These elegant stone-faced buildings are designed to blend in with the neighborhood, providing residents with a comfortable living experience. The project allows residents to enjoy nature while also being within close proximity to urban centers for shopping, entertainment, culture, and pleasure. Additionally, the apartments were designed to provide residents with quality spaces for leisure and sports activities, ensuring a comfortable living experience.



Your chance to enjoy Jerusalem in a higher, greener and more prestigious area.

The Arnona Collection project can be found in the Arnona Slopes neighborhood, which boasts breathtaking mountain views due to its high elevation. To the south of the neighborhood is Kibbutz Ramat Rachel, while the old Arnona neighborhood – home to the US Embassy and authourShayAgnon’s residence – lies on its opposite side.

The Arnona Slopes neighborhood is ideally located, offering lush open spaces and scenic views while still being close to the city. The urban experience is just a short distance away, with the old neighborhoods of Arnona, Baka’a, and Talpiot within easy reach or a quick drive to the city center. The Arnona Slopes neighborhood is a modern community that prioritizes its residents. It boasts a variety of modern residential buildings of varying heights, all surrounded by lush gardens.


A high-quality living experience in a relaxing environment

The Arnona Collection is currently constructing eight buildings of varying heights that contain a diverse assortment of apartments. These include two-room, four-room, and five-room apartments, as well as luxurious penthouses that feature large balconies. The buildings are constructed from stone and boast beautiful fronts with balconies of different sizes.

The architectural design of the project prioritizes both functionality and luxury to accommodate families of all sizes. High-quality execution and finishing are consistent with the standards of the Guy&Doron Levy company. The project is seamlessly integrated into the surrounding neighborhood environment, which includes vast areas for leisure, games, sports, and other outdoor activities in the Judean Mountains.





Building simulation
Building simulation
Building simulation
Building simulation


The apartments offer stunning mountain views and boast high-end features.

Choosing any apartment in the Arnona Collection guarantees you a breathtaking view of the Jerusalem mountains, a comfortable living area, and ample natural light streaming through the windows and balconies.
Our focus on quality living spaces is evident in the design of every apartment. Additionally, the Guy & Doron Levy company always adheres to the highest levels of workmanship and finish, ensuring your satisfaction


  • Architectural Excellence: Building adorned with prestigious stone, handpicked by the project architect.
  • Grand Entrance: A lobby that impresses at first sight, crafted by a top interior architect.
  •  Multilevel Luxury: A multi-storey lobby, opulently designed with unique coverings
  •  Secure Entry: CCTV system strategically placed at the building entrance for enhanced security.
  • Innovative Elevators: Elevators designed with a blend of innovation and modern aesthetics.


  •  Lush Outdoors: Development featuring a meticulously designed, luxurious garden.
  •  Sophisticated Flooring: Porcelain granite flooring, available in various shades and sizes, enhancing every room
  • Modern Window Design: High-quality aluminum windows with insulating/triplex glass, chosen by expert consultants.
  •  Automated Blinds: Electrically operated roller blinds throughout the apartment for convenience and privacy.
  •  Robust Electricals: Three-phase electricity, provisioned at 25X3 amps, ensuring ample power supply.
  • Quality Electrical Accessories: Fitted with GEWISS or equivalent electrical accessories throughout.
  •  Intelligent Lighting: Smart light switching in bedrooms, hallway, and living room.
  • Connected Spaces: Every room equipped with communication and television points.
  • Elegant Entry: Entrance door crafted by Rav Barih, ensuring a stylish welcome.
  • Designer Internal Doors: Interior doors sourced from the industry’s leading designers
  • Climate Control: Mini central air conditioning system, inclusive of a lowered ceiling.
  • Heated Comfort: Integrated apartment heating system.
  •  Allocated Parking: Dedicated parking space for each apartment.



● Elegant Tiling: Porcelain granite tiles in a selection of shades and sizes, adorning bathroom walls.
● Sleek Sanitation: Hanging toilets with concealed cisterns from luxury brands like TECE/GROHE/SA.
● Elegant Faucets: Luxurious nickel chrome flower faucets from GROHE/HANSGROHE/S.A.
● Comfortable Bathing: Fitted with an acrylic bathtub for a relaxing soak.
● Luxury Vanity Units: Hanging bathroom cabinets, inclusive of a mirror and faucet, in master and general bathrooms.
● Advanced Intercom: 4-way intercom system installed in shower rooms.


  • Gourmet Kitchen Setup: High-quality kitchens from Semal, Novo, and Anis, featuring silent slamming mechanisms and quality hinges.
  • Sleek Sinks: Luxury flat-installed kitchen sinks, available in acrylic/stainless steel, with pull-out faucets.
  •  Elegant Surfaces: “Evan Caesar” marble surfaces, available in various shades.
  •  Cooking-Ready: Equipped with a three-phase socket and preparation for an induction cooker.
  •  Dishwasher-Ready: Pre-fitted for dishwasher installation.


  •  Utility-Ready Outdoor Spaces: Balconies/main gardens equipped with water and gas points for each apartment.



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