Green Be'er Yaacov


Introducing “Mundo” – a new residential project by Guy and Doron Levy, designed to create a complete living space that caters to an active and dynamic lifestyle. The project is located in the lush Be’er Ya’akov area and boasts advanced design construction, paired with a fresh and innovative living environment that promotes a healthy and balanced lifestyle.
Mundo is situated in a beautiful green neighborhood that has been meticulously planned to provide maximum comfort and a high quality of life for its residents.

Spacious apartments
Green environment
Central location
High standards construction
Quality education
Access to main roads



Move forward to a rejuvenating environment
Green Be’er Ya’akov is the latest and most invigorating addition to the city. The neighborhood boasts a range of modern amenities such as bike paths, walking and running trails, expansive parks and gardens, and other recreational and exercise facilities. It was designed using innovative and advanced urban planning.
Moreover, a new business center is currently being constructed in the area. This center will house a variety of shopping, leisure, employment, and entertainment options, in addition to new public and educational institutions and other services. Overall, Green Be’er Ya’akov is an ideal and convenient place to live.


The project

Upon arrival, you will be greeted by a grand lobby with ample space for entering and exiting. The guest rooms are designed with your comfort and spaciousness in mind, boasting impressive technical specifications that reflect the architects’ meticulous planning of every detail.



Building simulation
Tenant room
Building simulation


The Apartments

MUNDO provides a range of roomy and opulent apartments, including 5-bedroom apartments, duplex apartments, and penthouses with unique designs. The balconies in MUNDO apartments are specially designed to offer privacy, ample space, and a serene view of the lush Green Be’er Yakov.
The project has apartments available for immediate and future occupancy, ensuring tenants have options to choose from.



5 room apartment
5 room apartments - Immediate occupancy
5 room apartment
Type C
5 room apartment
Type C3
5 room apartment
Type C4
5 room apartment
Type C7
5 room apartment
Type C8
5 room apartment
Type C15
5 room apartment
Type C16
Penthouses - Immediate occupancy
Penthouse 6 rooms
Type E1
Penthouse 5 rooms
Type E2
Penthouse 5 rooms
Type E3
Penthouse 5 rooms
Type E5
4 room apartments - Occupancy May 25
4 room apartment
Type B3
5 room apartments - Occupancy May 25
5 room apartment
Type C7
5 room apartment
Type C8
5 room apartment
Type C9
6 room apartments - Occupancy May 25
6 room apartment
Type D3
Penthouses -Occupancy May 25
Penthouse 6 rooms
Type E1
Penthouse 6 rooms
Type E4
Duplex-Occupancy May 25
Duplex 5 rooms


• Architect-Selected Stone Cladding: Prestigious stone covering, chosen by the project architect, adorns the building.
• Impressive Entrance Lobby: Designed by one of the leading interior architects in the field, providing a grand welcome.
• Luxurious Multi-Storey Lobby: Elegantly designed with unique coverings, offering a luxurious ambiance.
• Enhanced Security: CCTV system strategically positioned at the building entrance.
• Innovative Elevators: Elevators featuring cutting-edge design for a modern aesthetic.
• Tenant Room with Garden Access: A tenant room that opens up to a spacious, lush garden
• Lavish Garden Development: The plot includes a meticulously designed and luxurious garden.


• Advanced Intercom System: Luxurious intercom system, featuring a colorful LED display.
• Elegant Porcelain Flooring: A selection of shades and sizes in porcelain granite flooring, including 100/100 tiles throughout the apartment (excluding wet rooms, balconies, and toilets).
• Modern Aluminum Windows: High-quality and contemporary aluminum windows with insulating/triplex glass, as per consultants’ decision.
• Automated Roller Blinds: Electrically operated roller blinds installed throughout the apartment (excluding bathrooms, kitchen, and wet rooms).
• Robust Electrical Supply: Three-phase electricity, provisioned at 25X3 amps.
• Quality Electrical Accessories: Fitted with GEWISS or equivalent electrical accessories throughout the apartment.
• Strategic Light Switching: Switch light switches located in bedrooms, hallway, and living room.
• Connected Living Spaces: Every room equipped with communication and TV points.
• Designer Entrance Door: Entrance door crafted by Rav Barih, ensuring a stylish welcome
• Stylish Interior Doors: Interior doors, designed by leading companies in the field.
• Efficient Air Conditioning: Mini central air conditioning system, inclusive of a lowered ceiling.
• Allocated Parking: Dedicated parking space for each apartment.


• Versatile Bathroom Tiling: Porcelain granite tiles in various shades and sizes for bathroom wall coverings.
• Sleek Hanging Toilets: With luxury concealed cisterns by TECE/GROHE/SA.
• Premium Faucets: Luxurious nickel chrome flower faucets by GROHE/HANSGROHE/S.A.
• Comfortable Acrylic Bathtub: For a relaxing bathing experience
• Luxury Bathroom Cabinets: Hanging cabinets in bathrooms, inclusive of a mirror and faucet
• Advanced Shower Intercom: 4-way intercom system installed in shower rooms


• High-Quality Kitchen Setup: From leading companies like Semal, Novo, and Avibi, including silent slamming mechanisms and quality hinges.
• Sleek Kitchen Sink: Luxury flat-installed sink, available in acrylic/stainless steel, with a pull-out faucet.
• Elegant Marble Surfaces: “Caesar Srone” marble, available in various shades.
• Induction Cooker Ready: With a three-phase socket and preparation for an induction cooker.
• Dishwasher-Ready: Pre-fitted for dishwasher installation


  • Utility-Ready Outdoor Spaces: Balconies/main gardens equipped with water and gas points for each apartment.




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