Neve zemer, Raanana
GD Neve Zemer Raanana

Premium Upgraded Apartments

GD NEVE ZEMER- Upgraded premium apartments, in a prime location in Raanana




GD Neve Zemer project offers upgraded premium apartments, located in the best location of one of the attractive neighborhoods in the city of Ra’anana. The project offers apartments in a diverse mix, in several boutique buildings of only five or six floors, with a limited number of apartments in each building.

All the apartments were renovated and upgraded to a premium level after the end of a short rental period. They are now offered for immediate entry, in a vibrant neighborhood that already benefits from many advantages: plenty of gardens, sports and games facilities, educational institutions, proximity to employment, commerce and leisure areas, as well as excellent transportation accessibility.

GD Neve Zemer provides the opportunity to enjoy a high quality of life, alongside a quality and strong community. Spacious living spaces that are meticulous down to the last detail create a perfect living experience – as in every project by Guy and Doron Levy.


Spacious apartments
green environment
Central location
Construction to high standards
Quality education
Accessibility to major roads

Quality Living in Raanana

Excellent quality of life. In a green and bustling area

GD Neve Zemer project is in Ra’anana, in the bustling Neve Zemer neighborhood, which gives residents an excellent quality of life in every aspect.

The neighborhood is located between Weizmann Avenue in Raanana to the south, and the green fields of the Sharon region’s moshavim to the north and offering many advantages: it is possible to meet a diverse population, which maintains a vibrant community life and enjoys a high quality of life. It is rich in well-maintained gardens, parks, sports and leisure facilities, public buildings, and educational institutions.

The excellent location of Neve Zemer is reflected in its proximity to many commercial areas, advanced employment zones, and also to the Open University campus of Raanana. The city of Raanana’s campus of excellence – for outstanding and gifted children – is also located in the neighborhood.

the project

GD Neve Zemer project offers apartments in a diverse mix, in several boutique buildings – only five or six stories. The buildings, which enjoy the best location in the neighborhood, include only 10 to 15 apartments. Each apartment has storage and parking, and each building has a room for strollers and bicycles.

The project was built in accordance with green building principles, and includes, among other things, an advanced pneumatic garbage system.



The exterior of the building
The exterior of the building

Upgraded Premium Apartments from A to Z

Live in upgraded and renovated premium apartments from A to Z

GD Neve Zemer project offers premium apartments in a diverse mix – for immediate entry. The apartments were renovated from the ground up after finishing a short rental period, and received a significant renewal and upgrade. They allow a “smooth” entrance – without concerns about construction defects, and without dirt, dust or noise that accompany neighborhoods that are in the process of construction.

You can choose between 4, 5 and 6 room apartments, luxurious duplexes, spacious garden apartments and spectacular mini-penthouse apartments.

All the apartments were designed according to the meticulous design concept of Guy and Doron Levy. The combination of high ceilings – at a non-standard height of three meters, and attention to every detail in the apartment, creates a spacious living environment, bathed in light and air, and a pleasant and inviting living space.


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