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Experience living in a sophisticated and advanced tower, in intimate and luxurious apartments, set in an evolving and accessible environment.




SOPHY Project, located in the Pisgat Hadar neighborhood at 3 Shaul Harnam Street in Petah Tikva, near the Academic City, offers a luxurious living experience in a progressive 16-story tower with spacious and unique apartments.

SOPHY offers excellent access to transportation, with the Red Line light rail station within a short walk or ride from the project, and easy access to the main traffic routes in the area. The area also offers a variety of advanced employment opportunities and numerous places for leisure, entertainment, and sports.



Spacious apartments
green environment
Central location
Construction to high standards
Quality education
Accessibility to major roads

Developed transportation, advanced employment opportunities, and time for yourself.

Where to today? A fitness session, a shopping mall, or a café?

SOPHY is located in the Hadar neighborhood of Petah Tikva, adjacent to the city’s Academic City complex and near the new neighborhoods of Petah Tikva – Kfar Ganim G’ and Neve Oz.


The neighborhood is also close to the city of Giv’at Shmuel and the Ono Valley, enjoying many advantages: proximity to efficient public transport and main traffic routes, a variety of advanced employment opportunities, close to kindergartens and schools, commercial centers, leisure and entertainment centers, sports fields, and green spaces.



A luxurious tower with advanced and contemporary design

SOPHY was planned by the architectural firm Gal-Or Fishbein, emphasizing the connection between architecture, environmental design, and urban planning. The towers are designed with a modern and contemporary appearance, featuring dry cladding combined with HPL.

To provide maximum privacy and intimacy, most floors of the tower are designed with only four apartments. The balconies in all the apartments are private – without shared walls with other apartments – and offer maximum light, view, and privacy.

A spacious residents’ club allows for leisure activities for the children of the tower and all its residents. The advanced design of the tower also includes a large and artistically designed entrance lobby and semi-private secondary lobbies at the entrance to the apartments – a separate lobby for every two apartments.



Building simulation
Building simulation

Maximum privacy and intimacy in spacious apartments with luxurious spaces.

The home you have always dreamed of, with the high levels of execution and finishing that we, Guy and Doron Levy, always insist on. All apartments were designed with the creation of quality, comfortable living spaces in mind. The specifications in the apartments are rich and luxurious, assembled with great attention to the utmost comfort of the residents. The raw materials are excellent, and the levels of execution and finishing are high, as in every project of the company.

The common internal spaces are very spacious, and all the apartments in the tower were designed to provide maximum light and open views: the apartments facing west enjoy a view of green public spaces, and those facing east enjoy an open view.

Duplex garden 5 rooms
Duplex garden 5 rooms
Duplex garden 5 rooms
Type A1
Duplex garden 5 rooms
Type A2
5 room apartments
5 room apartment
Type C
6 room apartments
6 room apartment
Type D
6 room apartment
Type D1
6 room apartment
Type D2
Mini penthouse
Mini penthouse 6 rooms
Type F1
Mini penthouse 5 rooms
Type F2
Mini penthouse 5 rooms
Type F3
Penthouse 6 rooms
Type E
Penthouse 6 rooms
Type E1
Penthouse 6 rooms
Type E2
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