Rosh HaAyin


A one-of-a-kind, exclusive living experience with a touch of luxury.




The prestigious GD LEVY MAGAZINE APARTMENTS Limited Edition project provides an opportunity to enjoy living in a collection of exceptional apartments, in unique and intimate boutique buildings.

The project is situated in the Psagot Afek neighborhood of Rosh HaAyin. It comprises of apartments in unique buildings, where boutique buildings are only three stories high and there are only six apartments in each building. The project’s architecture seamlessly blends with the natural pastoral environment, consisting of low-rise buildings and a limited number of apartments.

The project`s residents will enjoy a peaceful, tranquil, and intimate living experience, while still being in close proximity to urban amenities that make life more comfortable. The neighborhood is conveniently located near various shops, public buildings, health services, and more. Furthermore, residents have easy access to major roads and public transportation, making it a convenient place to live.

Spacious apartments
Green environment
Central location
High standards construction
Quality education
Access to main roads


The GD Levy Magazine Apartments Limited Edition project is situated in the Psagot Afek neighborhood in Rosh Ha’Ain. This location is advantageous since it provides easy access to all the amenities that make life more comfortable. The project is situated in close proximity to a large commercial center which houses a diverse range of chains and brands, cafes, restaurants, health services, and much more. The center regularly hosts fairs, festivals, and various events for the entire family to enjoy.

Near the project you can also find smaller shopping centers, a yoga studio, a veterinary clinic, synagogues and other public buildings.

The project is located near multiple schools in the neighborhood and surrounding areas, including kindergartens, an elementary school, a middle school, and a high school.

The GD LEVY MAGAZINE APARTMENTS Limited Edition project enjoys another major advantage: proximity and accessibility to main traffic routes.

The Afek Industrial and Employment Park, also located in the east of Rosh Ha’Ein, offers the project’s residents diverse employment options in leading technology and communication companies, alongside other enterprizes.

In addition to being close to commercial centers, job opportunities, educational institutions and transportation routes, the project also boasts of its proximity to nature. The residents will have the pleasure of walking or cycling to the Migdal Tzedek National Park and Rosh Ha’Ein Forest. The project and the surrounding area have been designed to prioritize environmental development by providing ample open spaces that connect different parts of the neighborhood and offer scenic walking and biking trails.



An intimate and pastoral living experience in unique boutique buildings.

The GD LEVY MAGAZINE APARTMENTS Limited Edition project offers a luxurious and intimate living experience, in a pastoral setting.

All the buildings in the project benefit from a high-quality finish. They boast impressive facades that include stone exterior cladding, HPL and other luxury materials. The vestibules at the entrance to the buildings and the vestibules leading to the apartments will be designed to a high standard, down to the last detail.

The GD LEVY MAGAZINE APARTMENTS Limited Edition project fits perfectly into the neighborhood whose construction is being completed, for all the advantages inherent in it: cleanliness, clean air and quiet.

As in every project by Guy&Doron Levy, here too the tenants will enjoy the high quality of construction and an impeccable level of finish!


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outdoors simulation
outdoors simulation
outdoors simulation
outdoors simulation


A selection of extraordinary boutique apartments.

Experience boutique living like never before with the Limited Edition project at GD Levy Magazine Apartments. Our collection of 4-5 room apartments, garden apartments, and luxurious penthouses offer spectacular and unique living spaces.

Each apartment features spacious balconies and a carefully curated selection of high-end finishes and amenities tailored to meet the needs of our tenants. Our apartments are designed to provide an optimal living experience, with abundant natural light and premium quality spaces.

Apartment plans

5 room Garden apartment
5 room Garden apartments
5 room Garden apartment
Type A2
5 room Garden apartment
Type A3
5 room Garden apartment
Type A6
5 room Garden apartment
Type A7
5 room Garden apartment
Type A5
5 room Garden apartment
5 room Garden apartment
4 room apartments
4 room apartment
Type B1M
5 room apartments
5 room apartment
Type C1
5 room apartment
Type C1M
5 room apartment
Type C3
5 room apartment
Type C3M
5 room apartment
5 room apartment
Type C4
Penthouse 6 rooms
Type E1
Penthouse 6 rooms
Type E2


  • Elegant Exterior: Premium Cladding, featuring a blend of luxury stone, aluminum, and high-pressure laminate (HPL).
  • Impressive entrance: Lobby designed by one of the leading interior architects in the field
  • Secure Living: Enhanced security with a CCTV system at the building entrance.
  • Elevator featuring a cutting-edge design.
  • Opulent Welcome: A multi-story lobby, luxuriously appointed and adorned with unique coverings
  • Serene Outdoors: A development complemented by a meticulously designed, luxurious garden.
  • Advanced Communication: Luxurious intercom system equipped with a vibrant LED display.
  • Elegant Flooring: Porcelain granite flooring available in a versatile selection of shades and sizes, including expansive 100/100 tiles.
  • Modern Windows: High-quality aluminum windows fitted with modern insulating/triplex glass.
  • Automated Convenience: Electrically operated roller blinds installed throughout the apartment.
  • Powerful Electricals: Three-phase electricity provisioned at 40×3 amps.
  • Quality Electrical Fittings: Electrical accessories from renowned brands like GEWISS or SA.
  • Intelligent Lighting: Switch light switches in key areas including bedrooms, hallway, and living room.
  • Connected Living: Communication and TV points in every room.
  • Grand Entrance: Designer entrance door from esteemed companies like Rav Barih or SA.
  • Stylish Internal Doors: Interior doors sourced from the leading companies in the industry.
  • Optimal Climate Control: VRF mini central air conditioning system.
  • Private Storage: Exclusive storage space for each apartment.
  • Convenient Parking: Allocated parking for each apartment.



  • Sophisticated Tiling: A selection of porcelain granite tiles in various shades and sizes.
  • Modern Sanitation: Hanging toilets with luxury hidden flushing cisterns from brands like TECE/GROHE/SA.
  • Premium Faucets: Luxury flower faucets crafted from high-quality nickel chrome.
  • Comfortable Bathing: Acrylic bathtub.
  • Luxury Vanity: Hanging bathroom cabinet complete with mirror and faucet in master and general bathrooms.



  • Gourmet Kitchen: High-quality kitchen setups from leading companies like Semal, Novo, and Avibi
  • Sleek Sink: Luxurious single or double flat-mounted kitchen sink (acrylic/stainless steel) with a pull-out faucet.
  • Elegant Countertops: “Evan Caesar” marble surfaces available in various shades.
  • Smooth Operations: High-quality opening hinges and silent slamming mechanisms.
  • Cooking Ready: Three-phase socket and preparation for an induction cooker.
  • Dishwasher Ready: Prepared setup for dishwasher installation.


Sun Terrace:

  • Utility-Ready Balcony: Water, gas, and communication points on the balcony/main garden for each apartment.



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